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SN2012WA log updated 10.2019

SN5W log updated 09.11.2019

SP0PZK log updated May 11, 2022

SP5-73-002 (SWL), log updated 12.09.2018

SP5CIB updated 31.10.2019

SP5ELA updated August 9, 2022

SP5ELA 2018 new project. Log updated August 9, 2022

SP5ELA 2018 new project, beta. Log updated August 9, 2022

SP5ES NEW. Log uploaded Feb 2, 2020


SP5PBE Log updated Nov 08, 2021

SP5PBE New project. Log updated Nov 08, 2021


SQ5JUP Log updated Feb 14, 2021

SQ5JUP-2018 (new project) Log updated Feb 14, 2021

Logs are running under two different projects (old 2008 based on SQ9MDD work) and new 2018 project under Spike SP9NJ capable programmer work. Log scripts are written in PHP.

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